Decorated Fall Bottles For The Wedding. October 23, 2016

       These beautiful Fall inspired bottles deserve another look for those who may have missed them 3 years ago.  We made them for our daughter’s wedding.  I still can’t believe it was 3 years ago!  If your looking for something simple to do, grab some empty wine bottles, the spray paint color of you choice, and then decorate them however you choose!


     I took the time today to get some of the bottles decorated for the wedding.  We’re thinking they may look nice on table, or mixed in with all the fall decor in the park.   I think I have 3 left to go.  So, I will give my highly scorched fingertips a break for tonight, and then get back at it tomorrow.  As of tonight, we have 28 days to complete all the projects we have in mind.  I’d say it seems to be going well.  🙂

Fall Bottle Decor