Angel Bear Applique April 24, 2014

Here is today's design stitched out.  This sweet bear is wearing her heart on her sleeve for you.  Hope you enjoy her as much as I do!  I love anything with a Folk Art or Primitive flare.  🙂



Primitive Quilt Progress March 31, 2014

     I took a little time to work on my primitive quilt today.  I made several blocks that I will work in with all of my embroidered pieces.  Do I know how they will come together yet?  Nope, not a clue!  🙂QuiltProgress


Crows_N_Love Applique March 30, 2014

     Now this pair of old crows are kind of dear to my heart.  They remind me of Dave & I!  lol  A few more pieces to digitize, and I have everything I want for my quilt.  I started laying out all the pieces today, and the ideas are endless on how I want to finally pull it all together.  I am a primitive nut….  I love all things prim.  It's such a warm & cozy feeling.  Hope you all had a blessed Sunday! CrowsNLove_Stitched


My 4 Appliques For A Primitive Quilt March 2, 2014

     I laid all the pieces together that I have done for now. I need to come up with some more ideas, and then actually make them happen. 
4 Primitive Squares



Silly Little Sheep Applique March 2, 2014

     Here's the "Silly Little Sheep I digitized & stitched out today. I'm on block number 4 now!  This is addicting!



Saltbox House Friends Applique March 2, 2014

     I'm having a lot of fun digitizing my own files.  There's a feeling of accomplishment when you can put a lot of hand drawing into a design, digitize it on your computer, and then make it come to life on fabric!  I have 3 squares now for the Primitive quilt I'm planning to make.  Can't wait to see this all come together!  Have a blessed Sunday, Everyone!

Saltbox House Friends


Sheep & Crow Digitized Applique February 26, 2014

     Today I tried my hand at digitizing my sheep & crow that I want to put on a quilt.  I'm starting to understand how to do this better with each project.  I love EVERYTHING Primitive. Pretty cool!