Custom Embroidery – ABC123 March 17, 2013

     This 'ABC123' embroidery is perfect for back to school!  Custom embroidery available.  Please contact me for details at:


Monogrammed Towels January 12, 2013

Monogrammed Towels

There’s nothing like a monogram to make a simple towel look classy!


Monogrammed Sleepers For Grandchildren January 12, 2013

Monogrammed Sleepers For Grandchildren

     These are the sleepers I monogrammed for my precious grandchildren.  Owen had another one, but I must have deleted the picture by accident.  I'm hoping Mommy & Daddy send us some pictures with them snuggled up in these.  I miss them so much! We are in Louisiana, and they are all the way up north in Wisconsin.  We are so blessed that our son has the kids open their presents on Skype for us.  It may not be as perfect as real hugs and kisses, but it helps!