Embroidered “Tux” Polo Shirts June 8, 2015

     As promised, I designed & embroidered a few more work shirts for Dave.  If you are familiar with Linux operating systems on your computer, you’d recognize this little guy as “Tux”.  I’ve run out of shirts, so I think I’ll start working on something else for awhile.  🙂

Tux Shirts


BSD Devil Embroidered Polo’s June 7, 2015

     I was hoping that I would get more than two of my husband’s work polos embroidered today, but life does get in the way.  I can spend so much time sewing that I forget to cook & eat until it’s to late.  Shame on me! I’ll get the other two done tomorrow for him.  The man needs some dinner too!  lol

BSD Devil Shirts