Frankenstein Halloween Hoody August 25, 2013

     Frankenstein has come out to play on Halloween.  This is perfect for your little boy when he get's cold on Halloween Night!  This is sure to keep the eerie night air at a minimum.  Many schools don't allow costumes or parties anymore, but your child won't feel left out wearing one of these sweatshirts to mark the occasion.  Please ask about sizes & styles available.  I have a variety of Halloween embroidery/applique available perfect for children of all ages. Parents, don't be left out.  I can do these for adults too!  Contact: for ordering & pricing information.

**Special Note:  While I don't mind putting a child's name on any item, it's really not a good idea.  If a child hears their name called they may feel a stranger knows them.  They are more apt to go with a someone who refers to them by name.  Safety first!  Have a SAFE & Happy Halloween!

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Frankenstein Halloween - Owen


Dinner At Our House Anyone? October 17, 2012

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Dinner at our house can take awhile.  This is what happens to my dinner guests!  Bahahaha!


Halloween 2012 Decorations October 10, 2012

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    This is our first year in this neighborhood, so decorating for the Holiday's are tons of fun.  My daughter and I did some Halloween decorating today.  We still would like to hang some ghosts along with the spiders & bats that are above the decorations.  Yep, I forgot to take a picture of those!  lol  For right now, I'm satisfied and TIRED!  What ever happened to the days when I was young and energetic?  Oh well…it all gets done eventually.  It just takes 10 times longer!  I hope everyone is having fun planning their Halloween fun!


Dressed Up Pumpkins! October 5, 2012

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Dressed Up Pumpkins!

Pick your favorite pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.  As shown in the 1st picture at the top left, protect your stems from the paint process by using some painters tape.  Next, spray paint your pumpkin with the background color of your choice.  Let dry for about an hour.  Next I selected the colors I wanted for my circles.  I chose to use latex metallic craft paint for mine.  Cut out your shape patterns out of newspaper, and place on your painted pumpkin to achieve the desired look.  Trace the shape, and then paint!  I used a blow dryer to set the paint.  This allowed me to quickly add a 2nd coat on each color to make sure my colors were bright!  Let your pumpkins dry, and take them back outside for a clear laquer finish.  If you want them to look "ceramic", use a glossy laquer.  Finish your pumpkins off with a bow secured to the stem with floral wife.  I also stuck a straight pin into the center of the bow, and down into the pumpkin.  /This is a nice alternative to carving, and your pumpkins will last through the month without rotting. Have fun!