Meat Cutting For Freezer Meals June 13, 2015

     It’s not my favorite thing to do, but when I cut, pack & freeze bulk meat purchases, it makes me feel accomplished.  I got a total of 14 meals out of the meat, with leftovers for hubby’s lunches.  I watch for sales on pork tenderloin, and I cut it up into 12 butterfly chops, a 2 lb pork loin roast & 2 lbs of pork stir fry meat. I also bought some pork spareribs, and got 4 meals out of that.  I got 2 beautiful chuck roasts in a bulk pack, put those away for 2 meals also.  I’m grateful for my freezer, because its always nice to be able to take advantage of the sales.  Here’s the direct link for how to cut up a pork loin.

How To Cut Up A Pork Loin



Grilled Pork Loin Chops & Sour Cream ‘Taters June 24, 2013

     There's nothing better than summertime grilling.  Tonight, my hubby "The Grill Master" tossed on some butterflied pork loin chops. We paired them up with some yummy Sour Cream Potato Chunks (see below).Grilled Chops & Sour Cream Taters

Grilling Your Pork Loin Chops:    Dave seasoned our chops with Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning & Lemon Pepper, but you can sprinkle on your favorite spices. His best advise on these is to sear them for approximately 2 minutes on each side with the cover up on the grill. This will lock in all the flavor and juices. Turn your grill down to low (if you are using a gas grill), close the lid and let the chops cook through. That will take about 6 minutes on each side.  Charcoal grillers will basically want to do the same thing.  Just make sure your coal's are red hot on the inside & gray looking on the out when you put the lid back on,  You may want to adjust your time depending on how hot your coals are.

Microwaved Sour Cream Potatoes:  These are a simple potato side dish that you can make in the microwave. I chose to scrub mine, and leave the skin on.  If you prefer them pealed, you can certainly do that.   

You will need:

4-6 medium sized potatoes cut into chunks
1/2 pkg. of the 2 oz Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix (save the rest for another batch!)
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup of water

Combine the ingredients in a microwave safe bowl.  Cook on high for 10 minutes interrupting to stir once.  Return to the microwave, and cook for an additional 10 minutes.  Test your potatoes for doneness with a fork.  Serve steaming hot!