Fourth Of July Tree June 28, 2015

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     I actually managed to get my tree decorated in my foyer for the Fourth Of July, but forgot to post it here on YankeeBelle when I was finished.  Here’s the top half of it anyway. It seems like I have to be all the way down the hall to get the entire thing in the picture, so we’ll settle for the top.  I can’t believe the 4th is right around the corner!  For us it’s about 2 weeks worth of scared Springer Spaniels that hate the sound of the fireworks, so we generally spend our evening watching a movie with our poor dogs wrapped around our heads.  There’s no thunder shirt in the world that can appease poor Remi when they are going off.  ArriBelle is a little better about them.  I guess we’ll watch them from out bedroom picture window. 🙂