Organizing Scraps! February 13, 2014

     It took me 3 days to get all my scraps organized into what I THINK we'll be something I can keep up with.  It feels so good to get the scrap monkey off my back!  lol  I sorted, trimmed & ironed each piece, so it should make my up coming applique projects much easier.  No more digging in the dreaded basket!  I'm sharing the link to this rolling storage treasure below.  I'm absolutely loving it.  I took the time to make vinyl lettering for each drawer today.  I have another one of these rolling drawers for Holiday scraps.  Now, do you think I can keep it this way?  🙂

Scrap Organization


Make Each Day Your Masterpiece! January 31, 2014

     I had to come up with a perfect saying for the decorative trim between the cabinets, and this was my favorite.  Every day that I add a little here & there, my new sewing room becomes more like home for me. It's always my goal to make something amazing when I'm in here, so it's a good reminder each day.  I cut this lettering on my Sillhouette Cameo.  There's so many things I can't wait to try with it.  So much fun!!!

Make Each Day


YankeeBelle T-Shirts! February 28, 2013

     YankeeBelle T-Shirts are now available for purchase.  My husband designed the logo, and I'm so happy with how they turned out!  We can design just about any logo you need, so if you need T-Shirts designed for your business venture, family reunion, website, blog, etc….. contact us at:  Don't forget, we can make your logo's for your vehicle too!



Tree Of Liberty T-Shirt February 28, 2013

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Version 2 of Tree of Liberty, Added Thomas Jefferson's signature to the graphic… seeing as how it's his famous quote… he deserves the credit! 

Available on T-shirts or Polo Shirts (graphics in black, white, or gold), also in vinyl decals (in most any color)

To order, contact


Tree Of Liberty T-Shirt Orders by Final Cut Vinyl February 19, 2013

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Okay fellas & ladies, after yet another discussion with the Mrs., we have decided to jump into this little venture and see where it lands. I'm going to order the shirt press and start getting ready to make the first run of these shirts… it will take a week or so to get the equipment delivered and set up, but barring any delays I'd expect to start shipping within 10 days give or take, these will be made to order to start until I get get ahead of the curve.

Here's what I have to offer;

The Tree of Liberty in vinyl on the rear (approx 10"w x 13"h)

T-Shirts Black or Grey Small through XL $22 (XXL-XXXL add $1)
(100% cotton Jerzees brand)

Polo Shirts, Black or Grey – $29.50ea Small – XL (XXL-XXXL add $5 )(sorry guys the wholesale cost actually doubles)
(100% ringspun cotton – Anvil Brand)

We'll flat rate shipping at $6 and $7 for quantities 2 to 4.

If you would like your name, nickname, initials, etc, to be embroidered on the front, this can be done in the color of your choice for an additional $5 each, or the same in vinyl for $3. (more intricate designs, logos or longer club names etc…will be handled case by case)

I'm looking at starting off with either white or black vinyl for the artwork only. The larger the contrast between colors the better.


YankeeBelle Plaque by Final Cut Vinyl January 21, 2013

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YankeeBelle Plaque by Final Cut Vinyl

     Look what my wonderful hubby made for me!  He has a little side business that he does mostly for fun, and I'm often the recipient of some of the nicest things!  If you need an specific vinyl needs, you can find him at:  or his website which is in the process of being built at:


Logo By Final Cut Vinyl January 13, 2013

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Logo By Final Cut Vinyl

My vinyl cutting husband made me a great logo for my Blazer. I love this! Thank you Honey! :)If you need logo's or designs cut, contact me to discuss your order!