Happy Father’s Day!! June 18, 2016

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     Here’s to all the daddy’s out there! I hope your day is special, and filled with love! Have an awesome day with your family. 🙂



Some Fun Pictures December 26, 2015

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     I thought I’d share some of the pictures that really capture my husband Dave & I very well.  The camera was just clicking away, and we really weren’t paying attention to it.  It was a lot of fun goofing around, and then finding these fun shots on the camera.



Merry Christmas!! December 24, 2015

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     I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Jesus is the reason for this glorious season, and I pray that everyone keeps Him in your hearts as we celebrate his holy birth. God Bless you all!



Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! November 26, 2015

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     Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  I hope your day is filled with all the blessings you are thankful for!

Happy TG2015


Blessed Sunday! October 4, 2015

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     Just a quick note to send my apologies to all of my faithful followers for being a little bit “out of the box” lately.  We have been so busy getting our reef tanks set up, that I haven’t had time to do much else.  I think I’ll start a section on this blog with all of our salt water reef activities.  We are up to 3 tanks in the house, but we are frantically looking for money tree seeds so that we can stock all of these tanks.  It’s a slow process, but a very rewarding one.  Anyway, it’s a beautiful Fall Sunday, and I hope you are all spending it with your friends & loved ones!  Have A Blessed Day!



Front Patio Makeover! August 4, 2015

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     Trying to catch up on a bit of photo editing today.  I have had many of my family & friends request the before & after pictures of the front patio.  It was done last year, but I’m just getting to all the photos.  For the life of me, I couldn’t find the BEFORE pictures.  What a difference a bit of hard work can make.  Dave did an awesome job laying all the brick work, and my job was to make it pretty stuff happen.  I’d say we make a darn good team!  🙂  Now, if we could just find a money tree to change the siding.  Really tired of the blue.

Front Patio AFTER 2014-2015 Front Patio Before 2014


Bay St. Louis 2015 August 1, 2015

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     Looking for an awesome vacation destination? We live about a 1/2 hour away from Bay St. Louis, MS. It’s so pretty & I was impressed with how clean the beaches are. This is what we’ve been doing with our summer. My hubby & I love to just pick up and drive to explore our surroundings.  Click on the link to see some of the photos we took.  I hope you enjoy the photos!

Bay St. Louis, MS



Springers Past & Present! July 18, 2015

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     As long as I took the time to put pictures of all our Springer Spaniels together, I figured I could put them on the site.  I know it’s not a recipe, craft or sewing project, but who can resist a pup?  Everyone of these darling dogs has made our lives more complete in every way.  I know we will always have a Springer in our home!

Briar Patch Briar Patch Puppies Remi & Torey's Litters