Sea Shell Towel ~ Jorden May 14, 2015

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Every year I make beach towels for my grand children.  It has become quite a tradition.  We live all the way across the country, so we only get those precious hugs & kisses once a year.  Hopefully it will be more soon!!  Anyway, when I give them their towels, I always wrap them up like a burrito, and tell them that every time they wrap themselves in their towels, they are big hugs from Grandma!  The wrapping part is the best.  The giggles that come from these 3 make it impossible not to kiss, tickle & snuggle them at the same time.  Loving my Grandchildren in Louisiana!!  This burrito is our beauty Jorden!




Guardian Angel Pillow May 14, 2015

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Gaurdian Angel Pillow

I made this “Guardian Angel Pillow” in memory of someone who is very dear to my heart. Purple was her absolute favorite color, so it had to be as purple as I could get it. I know she smiled in heaven when she saw it, and I know that her mom will always hug is tight, and that’s all that’s important to me. I love you Sweet Nikki!

I have sewn this pillow to be sham style for easy laundering, and it is kept neatly closed in the back with a button that matches the color in the chevron. The pillow features a beautiful embroidery of a praying angel. I surrounded that piece with purple chevron, and then quilted the front for that soft quilt feel, and durability. The back is a darker purple that matches the ruffle. It also features a double ruffle that incorporates both fabric colors to set off the pillow. It turned out beautifully, and should last a long time.


Folk Art Garden Flag April 25, 2015

   I finished my Folk Art Garden Flag today.  I love it!  I digitized the design for the flag in applique, and it’s so cute.  It was fun playing with the ruffler on my new serger too.  Who’d of guessed a serger could ruffle & attach it to your project in on process?  After using a plain old serger for 30 years, this is quite a treat for me.  I am loving my new Evolution, but feeling a little guilty about storing away my old serger.  I guess it deserves a little break, unless I can talk my daughter into trying her hand at some more sewing projects.  Hint hint Gabrielle!



Baby Kayden’s Blanket March 31, 2015

     This precious little baby’s Grandma sent me a picture to share of her grandson Kayden.  He sure makes that baby blanket I made look cute.  Congratulations to the happy family!

Kayden's Blanket


Valentine Tree January 27, 2015

     I promised that I would post a picture of my Valentine tree after I finished all the ornaments.  Well, this is it, unless I come up with anything else I’d like to add to it.  It’s just a quick shot from my cell phone, so I apologize for the photo quality.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



More Valentine Ornaments Done in Applique January 26, 2015

     Here are the last of the Valentine ornaments I’m appliqueing for my foyer tree.  Now if I just had the energy to go out there & decorate the tree.  I guess I’ll do that tomorrow. Enjoy!

PaperAirplaneValentine ValentineTrain ValentineLoveBirds



Decorated Glass Valentines January 26, 2015

   As long as I had the camera out, I thought I’d share the decorated glass hearts I did today.  I still need to photograph the 4 new tree ornaments I appliqued today.  That’s next!

GlassValentines-mix GlassValentines-red


Applique Valentine Ornaments Continued! January 25, 2015

Four more Valentine’s done today, and 3 more to go.  They all are so cute.  🙂

IDigYouTractorValentine DoveValentine ValentineNote HeartWagonValentine