Valentine Tree Ornaments January 23, 2015

     Out of 12 ornaments that I have planned for my foyer tree, I only managed to get 2 done today.  As I was designing these, I wanted them to be as much of an “in the hoop” project as possible.  It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to do it, and try real hard not to screw up even one of them. I hate wasting fabric & time.  Of course the embellishments & ribbon have to be added after I’m done “in the hoop” since I’m going for that sweet Valentine look.  I actually think I achieved it!  I hope to get a few more done this weekend.  Valentine’s Day is almost here.  🙂

This one is my Candy Hearts ornament:


This one is my Valentine Cupid ornament:ValentineCupid


Lovebirds Appliqued Towel Set With Matching Tablecloth January 14, 2015

     I was finally able to digitize my “Lovebirds” applique & make a set of towels with a matching table cloth for ME! This has become a pretty rare occurrence lately. It felt like forever to be away from my sewing room since my surgery, but I’m back! It sure feels good. The best part is that I’ve actually got something pretty to put out for Valentine’s Day & Spring! Hmmmm…. what’s next? 

Lovebirds Set


Halloween Decorations October 9, 2014

      I thought I’d share a couple of our Halloween preparation pictures.  There are purple lights on the bushes by the house, along with a big lighted spider web & spider.  I think it will look pretty nice with the black lights on the scene, the fog machine going, fresh carved pumpkins flickering into the night, and the spoooooooky music playing.  We enjoy doing this for the local children that come trick or treating.  I didn’t get a real close up picture of the pumpkin banner I made, but you get the idea.  Next year we need to add a witch with a cauldron.  I wish I had time this year, but just don’t know that I’ll get it done before I have my carpal tunnel surgery on both hands.  Fun fun!! 

Halloween 2014 Pumpkin Banner


Miss Independent T-Shirt – Olivia July 8, 2014

This is our neighbor's sweet daughter Olivia, modeling her Miss Independent T-Shirt for the 4th of July.

Olivia Miss Independent web


4th Of July Kids! July 4, 2014

     What an awesome picture of these two little firecrackers wearing their t-shirts from YankeeBelle Creations.  Love this!  Thanks so much for sharing the photo with me Naomi!



Firecracker T-Shirts June 21, 2014

     I forgot to photograph these t-shirts last night.  I'm having some growing pains with the new camera, so I took them with old faithful.  lol  I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon enough.  Anyway, I hope these shirts are worn to rags when those little one's are done playing.  Enjoy!

Firecraker Ts - Naomi


independence Day Appliques June 20, 2014

     Here are some of things I've been working on lately.  I designed these for my son's family.  I will be posting a picture later with all the clothes they actually got put on.  It's 98 degrees & very humid outside, so I'm not quite ready to face my photo backdrop out there quite yet.  I love the heat, just not the humidity.  On the bright side, I think I'm done with all the 4th of July embroidery.  🙂