Spa Therapy Towels September 28, 2014

     I just finished my “Spa Therapy” towels for my screen porch.  I’m pleased that I got them done today.  Now I have to get in the spa to put up the towel bar.  I have ulterior motives for a nice long soak.  I do believe my daughter will be sneaking over to join me.  Fun & relaxing times.  I did tell my hubby we need to put a TV out there though.  I could watch the game while I relax too!  🙂

Spa Towels


Bathroom Towel Set – Embroidered June 24, 2014

     Here's today's project.  I've been meaning to get these done for our bathroom off of our bedroom for quite a while now, but was a little distracted by 4th Of July embroidery.  These sets make awesome gifts anytime of the year.  I swear, we ALWAYS need towels!  🙂

Towel Set BR


Beach Towel – Sharkie! March 15, 2014

     This is the beach towel I made for my grandson Owen.  I digitized the shark so that his swim trunks would match his towel.  I really love how this turned out. Owen is only 6, but he thinks he’s a tough grown up boy.  He’s so darn cute.  I hope “Sharkie” is tough enough for my little guy.  🙂

Beach Towel - Sharkie Owen


Beach Towel – Peace March 12, 2014

     Finding the perfect beach towel & swimsuit is pretty difficult when you have a granddaughter that is a “Tween”. I’m not sure she’d like me to call her that, but she tells me all the time how many more years she has till she’s a teenager. PawPaw & I just want to keep her our little “Smidgy Pie”, but I guess she’s growing up. Anyway, this is what I came up with for my beautiful girl!

Jordens Towel-Peace


Hello Kitty Beach Towel March 12, 2014

     I found the perfect little swimsuit & towel for my 6 yr old granddaughter, Tara! Of course, if you know me…. it’s not done until I make it uniquely her own. I digitized “Hello Kitty/Tara” for her so her towel would match her suit. I still can’t believe that I’m really enjoying my new found knowledge of digitizing some of my own designs.   I hope she loves it! 

Beach Towel - Tara Hello Kitty


My Daughter’s 1st Project – Start To Finish! February 20, 2014

     Today I had the pleasure of teaching my daughter how to embroider her Easter towels on my biggest embroidery machine.  I think she had a great time until the very last one.  The machine got hungry and ate a chunk of her towel.  Hate when that happens!  Mom to the rescue! The best thing about Easter is eggs.  It turns out they patch little holes quite nicely with a little experience from mom.  You’d never know there was a problem.  Gabbey is very new to sewing, so I am very proud of her accomplishment.  She learned to use a rotary cutter & mat, the Serger, how to iron & sew a regular hem, make a ruffle with fabric, and last but not least…embroider!!  Congratulations Gabrielle!  I’m proud of you!Easter Towels - Gabbey's 2014


Coffee Towels! February 15, 2014

     I've been wanting to make my Coffee towel set for awhile now, and they have now taken their place by the coffee pot in my kitchen.  It's fun doing something just for me for a change. Fun!Towels - Coffee


Feeling Flakey Snow Towels November 25, 2013

     Here are the "Feeling Flakey Snowman Towels" I made for my daughter & son-in-law for Christmas.  Gabbey took them right home with her today to add to her decorations!  Snowmen are always so cute.  🙂

Feeling Flakey Snow Towels