Easter Hand Towels March 23, 2016

     Sewing, embroidery….just about any type of crafting is good medicine for anything that ails me!  With today being such a gorgeous 78 degree day, I decided that something for Spring would gift me a lift.  I wanted to work outside so badly, but the ground is still very spongy.  It will have to wait until it dries out a bit yet.  In the meantime, I sew!  These turned out so sweet, and can you believe it?  There’s no chocolate on them anywhere.  🙂 Tomorrow I will continue giving my daughter her applique lessons.  We should have her pretty little towels ready to show too!  Spring is coming!Easter Towels


Easter Eggs ~ A Closer Look! February 28, 2016

I did my best to take some close up pictures of the Easter eggs I hand painted & embellished.  Enjoy!

Easter Eggs 2015


Happy Valentine’s Day! February 14, 2016

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YB Valentine


Embroidered Christmas Pillows December 21, 2015

     Along with all those beautiful throw blankets & quilts, it’s always so nice to toss on a beautifully embroidered Christmas pillow.  Of course, I’m one of those women that put’s to many pillows on the bed, so who am I to say?  lol



Quilted Christmas Throw Quilt & Embroidered Pillow December 21, 2015

     I think making things for the family at Christmastime is always inspiring.  My daughter Gabrielle always mentions how nice my couches look with Christmas blankets on them, so this year I made her a quilt & embroidered pillow to throw on her couch.  I gave it to her early so she could enjoy it before this beautiful season ends.  She loved it, and so did her husband Zack.  That’s all that really matters!!

Gabbey's Quilt-Pillow


HAPPY HALLOWEN!! October 31, 2015

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     I hope you all have a safe & fun Halloween.  I love this holiday, and seeing all the little spooks & goblins is what makes it so much fun!  Candy time!

Pumpkin Banner


Happy 4th Of July! July 3, 2015

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Wishing y’all a very happy 4th of July!  Be safe with all your festivities, and LET FREEDOM RING!!



Fourth Of July Tree June 28, 2015

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     I actually managed to get my tree decorated in my foyer for the Fourth Of July, but forgot to post it here on YankeeBelle when I was finished.  Here’s the top half of it anyway. It seems like I have to be all the way down the hall to get the entire thing in the picture, so we’ll settle for the top.  I can’t believe the 4th is right around the corner!  For us it’s about 2 weeks worth of scared Springer Spaniels that hate the sound of the fireworks, so we generally spend our evening watching a movie with our poor dogs wrapped around our heads.  There’s no thunder shirt in the world that can appease poor Remi when they are going off.  ArriBelle is a little better about them.  I guess we’ll watch them from out bedroom picture window. 🙂