Happy Easter!! March 25, 2016

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Easter T-Shirt For Owen! March 25, 2016

    I just finished up my grandson Owen's T-shirt for Easter today.   I love doing embroidery for my grandkids.  I always have the urge to put their name on their shirts too; however, I choose not to due to the unfortunate risk of child abductions.  If someone addresses your child by name, it gives your child a false sense of security that they may know that person addressing them.  Be cautious when having a name embroidered where another individual may see it.  Initials are safer.  If the item is a bookbag or something similar, you may wish to put the name on the inside of the bag.  Let's keep our little ones safe!

Easter T-Shirt Owen






Easter Hand Towels March 23, 2016

     Sewing, embroidery….just about any type of crafting is good medicine for anything that ails me!  With today being such a gorgeous 78 degree day, I decided that something for Spring would gift me a lift.  I wanted to work outside so badly, but the ground is still very spongy.  It will have to wait until it dries out a bit yet.  In the meantime, I sew!  These turned out so sweet, and can you believe it?  There’s no chocolate on them anywhere.  🙂 Tomorrow I will continue giving my daughter her applique lessons.  We should have her pretty little towels ready to show too!  Spring is coming!Easter Towels


Easter Eggs ~ A Closer Look! February 28, 2016

I did my best to take some close up pictures of the Easter eggs I hand painted & embellished.  Enjoy!

Easter Eggs 2015


Happy Easter!! April 5, 2015

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May your day be blessed with love & happiness!  HE IS RISEN!



Hand Painted & Embellished Easter Eggs 2015 April 2, 2015

     I finally finished painting & embellishing my Easter eggs.  Who knew that it would take so long to decorate 12 little eggs?  Right now I’m sick of looking at them, so I don’t even like them. lol  Next year when I bring them out, I’ll really enjoy them.  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!  Be blessed for HE HAS RISEN.  HALLELUJAH!!

Easter Display 2015


Easter T-Shirt For Tara! March 6, 2014

     I took a break today from my primitive digitizing designs to make an Easter t-shirt for my granddaughter Tara. 

Easter T-Shirt - Tara


My Daughter’s 1st Project – Start To Finish! February 20, 2014

     Today I had the pleasure of teaching my daughter how to embroider her Easter towels on my biggest embroidery machine.  I think she had a great time until the very last one.  The machine got hungry and ate a chunk of her towel.  Hate when that happens!  Mom to the rescue! The best thing about Easter is eggs.  It turns out they patch little holes quite nicely with a little experience from mom.  You’d never know there was a problem.  Gabbey is very new to sewing, so I am very proud of her accomplishment.  She learned to use a rotary cutter & mat, the Serger, how to iron & sew a regular hem, make a ruffle with fabric, and last but not least…embroider!!  Congratulations Gabrielle!  I’m proud of you!Easter Towels - Gabbey's 2014