Fall Toddler Jacket October 30, 2013

     I had the privilage of embroidering this cute little fleece toddler jacket for a darling little girl named Lucy!  She's a Fall baby, so I think it fits her personality well.  I hope she stays warm and snuggly as the weather starts to cool.   If you have something special you would like embroidered for your child, contact me through Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/YankeebelleCreations  or susan@yankeebellecreations.com

Fall Toddler Jacket - Lucy1


Autumn Flower Girl Bear October 4, 2013

It seems like we looked everywhere for a cute "flower girl" gift.  Everything was so poorly made, and cheap & flimsy looking.  We found this little bear, and I gathered a few sewing skills to make her perfect.  Hoping our little flower girl gives this bear lots of sugar!  One more week till the big day!  🙂

Autumn FlowerGirl Bear


Mother’s Fall Corsage October 4, 2013

This is a closeup of the corsage for the Moms.  Love these roses!



Fall Wedding Flowers October 3, 2013

     Here are all the bouquets, corsages & boutonnieres for the wedding.  Gabbey informed me that I forgot to make the one she’s going to toss.  To think I thought I was done with all the flowers!  🙂

Bouqets & Corsages


Fall Bridal Bouquet October 3, 2013

As we get closer to the big day, I am finishing up all the flowers.  Gabbey's bouquet turned out pretty.  She has a mixture of burlap & silk flowers in creamy white & fall touched roses & leaves. I think creating this bouquet was my favorite part of the wedding preparations!

Gabbey's Bouquet YB


Fall Canning Jar Decor September 21, 2013

       These are the quart canning jar designs we came up with.  I believe we will be placing these at the base of the chairs along the isle.  They really are pretty when they have everything in them.  We are using water gel beads in Fall colors, adding water, and floating pumpkin candles in them.  The sun will start going down a bit at the wedding hour, and the vows will be taken under a huge tree in the park.  It should be beautiful! 21 more days!

Isle Jars


Isle Bows For Fall Wedding September 21, 2013

     I finished the isle bows for the wedding, but I ran out of ribbon on the very last bow.  I'll have to go to Hobby Lobby & pray that they have one more roll.  My daughter loved this ribbon.  I wish now that I wouldn't have used some of it on another project.  21 days until the big day, and I still have a bunch of things to accomplish for their special day.  Wish me luck!

Isle Bows


Candles, Easel With Photo Poster, & Bridesmaid Bouquets September 12, 2013

     Another busy day getting things done for the big wedding day!  Our day began putting together the bouquets for the bridesmaids.  We got one done, and I still have 2 more bouqets to arrange.  We will go shopping for the perfect flowers for the bridal bouquet very soon, and that will be done.  We then were interrupted by the doorbell.  Gabrielle's wedding gown arrived!   We weren't expecting it until the end of September, so we were excited & very pleased.  Of course, we had to try it on so I could see if any alterations were needed.  Not one alteration!!!  You'll have to wait to see the dress though.  The big reveal will be AFTER her wedding.  I do have to figure out the best way to bustle the train, but that shouldn't be a problem.  I finished attaching the photo poster to the canvas, and assembled the bow.  It's standing in my living room for now, and it looks amazing.  We'll dress up the easel with tulle & flowers, and probably an easel light.  It will be such a wonderful focal point at their wedding.  We raised the candles up out of the centerpiece baskets a bit, and like them much better!  On to another day of creating.  30 days!!  Have a blessed day Everyone!

Poster Candles & Bridesmaid FlowersYB