Springers Past & Present! July 18, 2015

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     As long as I took the time to put pictures of all our Springer Spaniels together, I figured I could put them on the site.  I know it’s not a recipe, craft or sewing project, but who can resist a pup?  Everyone of these darling dogs has made our lives more complete in every way.  I know we will always have a Springer in our home!

Briar Patch Briar Patch Puppies Remi & Torey's Litters


Please Don’t Feed Your Dogs These Foods! May 30, 2015

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This is a great chart that dog owners may want to print out & keep on the fridge. Please use caution when feeding your dog’s certain “people food”.  We only want the best for our fur babies!




Pup-Cubes Dog Treats September 12, 2014

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     Since we’ve gotten our sweet, challenging little puppy girl, we are constantly looking for new ways to entertain her in a healthy way. She has been battling a UTI for over 10 days now, so our Vet said no puppy treats unless they are yeast free. It’s still quite hot here in Louisiana, so this treat is refreshing, healthy & a big hit with both my Springers. They are simple to make too!

PupCubes - Beef & Bean

1 28 oz can of vegetables (beans, sweet potatoes, beets etc)
3 small jars of pureed meats (baby food is quick & easy)

I have a Ninja, but any blender will do. First I blend the vegetables into a smooth puree. Next, add the baby food, and puree them together until mixed well. I simply spoon this mixture into ice cube trays and freeze. Once frozen, store in a sealed container or Ziplock bag. My older dog tends to chomp it right down, and my little Arri tends to lick hers till she gets it small enough to chew. They never leave a mess either.


New Family Member! July 7, 2014

     I'd like to introduce the newest member of YankeeBelle Creations & Applique!  She flew to Louisiana all the way from Wisconsin to join our family.  I just had to share her with you, because I haven't been posting much.  She is the reason!  Between all the cuddling, potty training, feedings, and helping big brother Remi to accept his new little sister, this YankeeBelle has been awfully busy.  There's nothing like an English Springer Spaniel.  We wouldn't trade her for the world.  🙂

Arrieta 8 Weeks


Hunter Is Home! March 28, 2014

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Hunter is HOME! He still has a long way to go, and lots of healing to do. He's still mad at me because I am the lucky one that has to clean out those very tender ears. Now I have to do it 3 times a day instead of 2. He's gonna love me so much. I have to say, I have never seen a dog give dirty looks like Hunter can. I can't wait for him to not hurt anymore though. He's sound asleep & snoring loudly in dad's office. :). I did manage to snap a picture of him quick. Thank you to all who have sent him well wishes, and prayed for his recovery. I can't tell you how much that has meant to us.



Pillowcase for Remington! March 22, 2014

     I decided to take a break from all the brain work today, and make something just for fun.  Yes, I did digitize & arrange folders all morning & most of the afternoon, so this is my evening project. Remi I my Springier Spaniel, and he faithfully sleeps under my embroidery machine most of the day while I work.  He deserves this!! Pillowcase - Remi

BabyFace Remi


Dog Tuxedo Bandannas October 6, 2013

     Gabbey's "little brother's" will be all decked out for her wedding in their handsome Tuxedo Bandannas.  Our furry friends are such a big part of our family, so we include them in everything.  Gabbey would have loved to have them at the park for her big day, but "no dogs allowed" in the park. Oh well!  🙂

Dog Bandana - Tux


Waterproof Dog Blanket May 31, 2013

Waterproof Dog Blanket

Protect your bedding, car upholstery, furniture & pet crates from wet paws, accidents etc.  This blanket idea was born of two beautiful Springer Spanials that love to lay on our bed, sit on the couch with us, and go for car trips,  Yes, the ideal solution would be for them not to be on them, but our dogs are a huge part of our lives so that is out of the question.  Out of necessity, this blanket was created.  It features heavy twill paw print fabric on the the front, twill solid on the back, and in between it has a heavy plastic liner.  The entire blanket is coated with Scotch Gaurd for the extra protection it will need between washings. It is quilted and bound just like a fine quilt, so it's pretty to have around too.  This can be made in a variety of fabric patterns. These blankets can be made in any size, and virtually any shape needed.   This particular one measures 52" x 52".  If you are interested in having one made, they can be custom cut to your needs. It can also be personalized with your your pet's name as well.  Contact me at:  susan@yankeebellecreations.com