Pillowcases – Primitive February 15, 2015

     I treated Dave & I by making us some extra pillowcases for our beautiful new bed.  We like to have extras on the bed at night!  I’m a pillow lover, and Dave begrudgingly carries the decorator pillows to the closet each night.  Men just don’t understand!  lol

Pillowcases - Primitive

New Bed


Fabric Pumpkins! September 8, 2014

     My daughter Gabbey & I created a bunch of adorable little Fall pumpkins today. We are definitely in the mood for cooler temperatures, and a nice Fall breeze. Bring on the color Mother Nature. We can't wait!!

Fabric Pumpkins


Primitive Quilt With Applique & Embroidery May 26, 2014

     I finally finished my primitive quilt, and I actually love it!  Usually when I've worked on something for a long time, I get tired of looking at it, and don't appreciate it for about a year.  lol  I know, I'm my own worst critic.  I'm so proud of this quilt, because the digitizing of the embroidered portions of the quilt are 100% designed by this YankeeBelle.  It looks pretty on the hallway wall near my kitchen, and fits my decor to a tee!  Another thing for ME for a change!!  🙂

PrimitiveQuilt2014 PrimitiveQuiltDisplay2014


Angel Bear Applique April 24, 2014

Here is today's design stitched out.  This sweet bear is wearing her heart on her sleeve for you.  Hope you enjoy her as much as I do!  I love anything with a Folk Art or Primitive flare.  🙂



Embroidered Primitive Sunflowers April 8, 2014

     I LOVE sunflowers, so I took the time today to digitize them in a primitive style.  Hope you like them.  I'm doing my best to get back to work after the loss of our dog Hunter.  Sunflowers seemed like a good thing to design since I needed some brightness back in my life.  We also put a down payment on a female Springer so that Remington won't be alone too.  So we are going to be parents again!  lol  Can't wait for June!!



Primitive Quilt Progress March 31, 2014

     I took a little time to work on my primitive quilt today.  I made several blocks that I will work in with all of my embroidered pieces.  Do I know how they will come together yet?  Nope, not a clue!  🙂QuiltProgress


Crows_N_Love Applique March 30, 2014

     Now this pair of old crows are kind of dear to my heart.  They remind me of Dave & I!  lol  A few more pieces to digitize, and I have everything I want for my quilt.  I started laying out all the pieces today, and the ideas are endless on how I want to finally pull it all together.  I am a primitive nut….  I love all things prim.  It's such a warm & cozy feeling.  Hope you all had a blessed Sunday! CrowsNLove_Stitched


Star Heart Embroidery March 29, 2014

     This is an accent piece I designed for the primitive quilt today.  It's getting exciting, because I almost have all the pieces created to start putting the quilt together.  I will be selling this file also on my website when I get it up & running.  You get a little sneak peak now & then of some of the things I plan to have there.  There's so much work to do in order to actually make this happen.  Thank you to all of you that have shown me support through this new venture.  True friends really show their colors!!  🙂StarHeart_Stitched