About Me! February 13, 2011

    Welcome to YankeeBelle Creations!

     First of all, I’d like to thank you for showing interest in my site.  What is a YankeeBelle anyway?  The name comes from my life living in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin (Yankee), and also understands what it’s like to be from the blistering heat in the South (Belle).  Put them together, and you have a YankeeBelle!  That being said, this really describes me well.  What you see on this site may be inspired by my northern upbringing in Wisconsin, or my new southern roots in Louisiana.

     My family has my heart & soul!  I am married to the most patient & loving man!  He helped me till the wee hours of the morning to get this site off the ground.  Thank God for all his love & skills.  I also have 2 grown children.  My sweet, handsome son Joshua lives in Wisconsin with his wife Amanda, and my 3 precious grandchildren – Jorden, Tara & Owen. I miss them terribly!  My daughter Gabrielle is a treasure to behold.  She is newly married to Zachary in 2013. They reside here in Louisiana.  My family inspires many of the crafts & recipes I make. I hope they are always able to use the site to get all of my recipes & craft ideas.

     I often get asked if I sell my crafts or take special orders.  At this time, the answer is no.  I have had some medical complications that only allow me to create for my grand kiddo’s & family.  If you are a fellow craft enthusiast or craft blogger, and would like your link to appear on my site, please just ask and I’d be happy to share your link if you’ll share mine! 

      I hope you visit often, and visit the other crafter’s & businesses that I have on the site!  Thank you to all my family & friends that visit here!   God Bless!