Nacho’s Don’t Have To Be Unhealthy! August 4, 2015

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     There’s nothing better than nachos, but they tend to be quite awful from restaurants, and full of fat. Make your own, and enjoy that “junk food” once in a while!  🙂



These consist of:

– 1 lb 90/10 ground beef (nice & lean!)
– I mix in all my own spices which consist of garlic, chili powder & cayenne powder. I prefer this to a taco mix seasoning since we like to watch our salt intake, but that works great too.
– diced onions
– diced bell pepper
– black olives
– shredded lettuce
– picante sauce
– light sour cream
– shredded cheddar or colby cheese
– your choice of chips (we like Scoops)
– anything else you like!

Then just layer it up in whatever order you prefer. Enjoy!