Meat Cutting For Freezer Meals June 13, 2015

     It’s not my favorite thing to do, but when I cut, pack & freeze bulk meat purchases, it makes me feel accomplished.  I got a total of 14 meals out of the meat, with leftovers for hubby’s lunches.  I watch for sales on pork tenderloin, and I cut it up into 12 butterfly chops, a 2 lb pork loin roast & 2 lbs of pork stir fry meat. I also bought some pork spareribs, and got 4 meals out of that.  I got 2 beautiful chuck roasts in a bulk pack, put those away for 2 meals also.  I’m grateful for my freezer, because its always nice to be able to take advantage of the sales.  Here’s the direct link for how to cut up a pork loin.

How To Cut Up A Pork Loin