Octagon Garden In The Making May 4, 2014

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Hi Everyone!

     I hope y’all have been having a great weekend.  I must apologize for not having  anything to post in a while, but we have been taking advantage of these dry 80 degree days to get a few projects completed.  I finished my octagon garden yesterday, and I have to say… I an tickled with it!  Today, my  hubby is finishing up the concreting of the front patio before we put down the pavers.  It’s going to be gorgeous out there, and a wonderful place to sit & enjoy the neighbors.  We have so many projects in the works right now, so that’s where our focus has been.  I am feeling the burn of unused muscles, and I’m also feeling my age.  I just don’t remember gardening feeling quite like this. OUCH!  lol  I’m adding a few pictures to share our progress.  I hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful! Stay Sweet!  🙂

octogon garden

Patio Project